Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We are not amused

We sniff with disapproval on the music associated with Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee.

Elton John and Paul McCartney, indeed.

We would prefer Sir Edward Elgar.

That music brings a bygone era to life, is what I love about it. What we love about it! Today I am using the royal We. You sense the fuss and excitement and then suddenly it broadens into this thrilling march.

There is also George Frederick Handel.

Or I will offer my earworm of today, "Jupiter" from Gustav Holst's "The Planets." I heard that at the Mass I went to Sunday and I could not get it out of my mind. They made the noble melody into a hymn which I sang with gusto. But after that I was stuck with it!

Listen to that. That sounds good, even after a couple of days on my brain. Why not use that instead of Paul McCartney and whoever?

Why didn't anyone call me?

The Royalty has their brand to consider.

Do not bow to the times!


  1. I hope Sir Edward realized what an iconic piece of music he'd written. There is something about Pomp and Circumstance that makes me tear up, whether it's just hearing it here or at a graduation. The contrast between the two parts is just wonderful.

    Now Mary, in terms of the pop concert, it was meant to be a party and you really can't argue with showing off the best of Britain's rock and roll, although Elton and McCartney have never been to my particular taste. (More of a Rolling Stones fan - hey why didn't they bring out Mick and Keef?)

    And Her Majesty keeping up the side, as usual! What 86-year-old lady stays out late to listen to rock and roll *because it is her duty?*

    BUT they could ALSO have had a classical music concert. Maybe HM wouldn't have worn ear plugs for that one. :-)

  2. Sorry for adding a second comment. I'm loquacious today since it's a holiday and I don't have to get to work. I love Handel and Holst too. Holst is one of the great underappreciated composers. The more I discover of his music, the more I love it. Check out his Suite in Eb.

    One August, when I was living in Toronto with my then-husband, we drove north of the city during the Perseid meteor shower. We drove down a long country road, parked the car on the side and took out folding chairs. I put Holst's The Planets on the car stereo and we watched the heavens come alive with flaming meteors. In the end, it was a difficult marriage but that night is a cherished memory.

  3. Solange, never apologize for being loquacious .. I love your comments!! That is a beautiful memory about "The Planets" and the meteor shower.

    Also I prefer the Rolling Stones too. How about that? I think it is because I love blues so much.

    About the Queen and rock 'n roll, though, I stick to my (Big Bertha) guns... I think the Queen of England should be above the common fashion. That is the one person in the world (besides the pope) who should be dignified at all costs even if it means looking unfashionable. Thinking out loud here, the pope gets around the fashion problem by wearing Renaissance robes. Perhaps she could do the same thing!

  4. You love blues! Sister! I forgive your bizarre affection for those purple German lieder songs. (Yes I know that's redundant.)

    Her Majesty is never less than dignified, even at a rock concert. I loved her participation in the Olympics opening ceremony. "Good evening, Mr. Bond."

  5. Her Majesty is extremely cool. (Also a very nice girl.)

    One of these days we will have to talk blues!!