Monday, June 25, 2012

Stormy Monday

We have this discussion going on about Lieder, because my new friend Solange is saying that some of them make her sleepy. Such as Schubert's "Du Bist Die Ruh," which I posted the other day trying to convince her of the greatness of this art form.

I was thinking she might enjoy some Action Lieder. Where things happen!

Like this spooky number by Hugo Wolf, up above.

A tremendous morbid number for an onerous Monday morning!


  1. Nice piece on Cosima by Jessa Crispin:

  2. Well, this is a cheery little number. What th' heck? There's a mill fire, a ghostly rider and the miller gets burnt to a crispy critter. Brutally ugly melody. Ah, Mary, I think I am a hard nut to crack with this lieder business.

  3. But don't you find it has an atmosphere that sticks with you? He establishes this frightening mood. Well, I will keep the lieder coming.

    At the same time I thought of you, Solange, when I ran across this passage in Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau's memoirs about how some people just do not "get" the appeal of Lieder. I had never thought that but there he is, writing it. Maybe you are one of those people! If you are we should study you, give you a long psychological quiz, or something. ; )

  4. Bob, I keep forgetting to take an in-depth look at that Cosima piece! I peeked into it and remember how interesting it looked. I have to get back to it!

  5. The writer of the Cosima piece
    Is Jessa Crispin, a cool cat---
    A Yank who makes her home in Berlin,
    Which makes her, I s'pose, an ecch!(spat).

    You go Jessa,
    I'm just jealous,
    Stuck in this burg
    With the same ole fellas.

  6. But Mary, you didn't provide a link or the text of DFD's thoughts on people not getting lieder. I'd be interested to read it since I seem to be one of those people with a missing lieder gene.

  7. Solange, I found the Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau thoughts in his book. I will have to copy out the text. It's not long. I have to say though I just can't imagine the missing lieder gene. To say you don't like lieder is to say you don't like, I don't know, symphonies, or operas, or something. I mean, you will like some, and not like others. Well, I will let you know what he says about it. I guess anything is possible!

  8. Bob, great poem on the Cosima author. You should send it to her!

    1. Thanks, but "ecch!(spat)"
      She might find insulting---
      A silent non-response
      No doubt would would be resulting.