Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Schubert karaoke, sing it loud, sing it proud

I should not let this get out there because if anyone out there is like me, we will have done the last work we will ever do. Nothing but fun and games, from now on.

You can do Schubert karaoke!

There are these accompaniments on YouTube. I have found "An Die Musik"...

... and it is amazing, great fun, singing along with it. I would rather play the accompaniment myself to tell you the truth ...

... but I can't find my Schubert Lieder book anywhere. Not surprising because the last time I played anything out of it I was 17, but I know I saw it around here recently somewhere. It did wash up on the tides of the house and one of these days it will wash up again.

I used to play Schubert accompaniments for my sister. We did a bunch of Schubert songs, "Der Musensohn" (yes, I have always been a pretty good pianist!) "Fruehlingsglaube," "Litanei"... we did a million of them. Here is an old snapshot of us performing.

I would try to get her to learn the songs because I was not a singer.

Well, guess what.

I am a singer. As Goethe said you must do the thing you think you cannot do.

I am buoyed by my success at church recently singing Tomas Luis de Victoria. I have sung as one of a small ensemble of singers and I have done well. So although all my life I have said, I am not a singer, today I am changing that. And I am saying, I am a singer.

I am singing a different tune!

I sing alto at church so the Schubert is in an alto key. There is no shame in singing alto either. Brahms wrote great songs for low voices. I should do one of those. I am also going to work to expand my range. Howard is helping me. He studied with Andy Anselmo, the vocal coach who taught Liza Minnelli and Mandy Patinkin and learned from the soprano Eleanor Steber. With an artistic bloodline like that, how can I lose?

Mi mi mi ... me!!