Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Blossom Time'

One comment the other day got me thinking about "Blossom Time," this old movie about Schubert, which I had never seen. I picked up the vinyl record and it is somewhere, so that is a start.

I found this clip of Richard Tauber singing songs from the movie and I was thinking, that is funny, he looks a little like Schubert.

Now I find out he was cast as Schubert!

That is funny! Talk about making Schubert truly superhuman. Not only does he write this heart-stopping music but he has Richard Tauber's voice.

I mean, I do not think so.

Sorry Charlie.

When Schubert's songs were being performed and he was there, I believe he was playing the piano and not singing. There is that famous account of how he said the accompaniment to "Erlkonig" was too tough for him.

Richard Tauber was my father's favorite singer. He sent his record of Tauber's "Schoene Muellerin" back to the shop because it had a scratch or something, and he never got it back, and he never got over it. They sent him Heinrich Schlusnus' recording instead. I always remember my dad griping about that. Nothing against Schlusnus but he was not Tauber.

Here is Tauber singing "Horch, horch, die Lerch." That title is great in German, you know? Instead of  "Hark, hark, the lark" it is "Horch, horch, die Lerch." English and German are related in hilarious ways.

 I have Web-logged about Tauber before so now I should just stop.

Besides which people are telling me that all I do is write about dead people which is not good for ratings. I should stop writing about dead people and write about living people.


Hmmm. I cannot believe I cannot find that movie "Blossom Time" anywhere on YouTube. This is the closest I can come. I am not used to having to deny myself like this. I am accustomed to instant gratification. Remember the movie about Brahms and Schumann?

"Blossom Time" must be out there somewhere, free.

It must be!


  1. There once was a VHS release,
    But 30 bucks, used, may be a fleece:

    Per IMDb,
    Those movie-loving possums,
    It is also known as
    "April Blossoms":

    And don't forget this one,
    From 1983---
    Schumann and Clara,
    With Natassja Kinski(!):

  2. Yes, that's the film - Blossom Time! But my daughter has pinched my computer speakers for the moment, so I'll have to save listening to the audio for later.

  3. Re-hooked the speakers. Well, maybe the melody I was thinking of was Serenade, but I've listened to several clips of Tauber singing various Schubert selections and I am not a Tauber fan. There is something too Teutonic in Tauber pour moi. You can also find Bjorling on YouTube singing Serenade - Jan Peerce too and I prefer both of them to Tauber!