Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A picturesque Humoresque

Just now after a hectic day of work, I found myself in a humor to hear Dvorak's "Humoresque," the little piece by Dvorak, played by Pennario.

Hahaaa... This one friend of mine who is a dear man posted this video and he unfortunately misspelled "Dvorak." But it is classic how he includes my Web site. He writes "www.Mary Kun," and then on the next line, "zGoldman.com." I love that!

But back to the music.

Obviously I am biased but I have never heard this piece sound so beautiful as in this recording, which is off Pennario's RCA album "Humoresque." There were number of other Humoresques on the album, not just this one.

A few idiot critics slammed this record, mocking Pennario as in, "listen to him, playing these teaching pieces." But you know what, I am so entranced by how Pennario plays this piece, how unhurried it is, how unaffected and direct, I couldn't imagine any pianist playing it better. So I decided to look on YouTube for other pianists playing it.

I could find hardly anyone! Well, except for kids and students. Maybe the sour critics were right, they are teaching pieces. But a teaching piece like this is real music, you know? It is beautiful in the hands of a master and if you do not hear it played by a master you are missing out.

Other great pianists must have played this. I did a search for "Horowitz Humoresque." And "Rubinstein Humoresque." Maybe they played it, but they do not play it on YouTube.

Most of the performances you find are not even played by pianists. They are played by violinists. It is not the same!

Oh well. A lot of talk over a little piece. But so beautiful, as Pennario plays it.

Remember the Dvorak family album?

It is fun to leaf through while you listen.