Monday, July 19, 2010

Yes or no?

What with all the musical matters facing the world today, I am sure most people would understand why, yesterday, I found myself mulling over a question in my mind.

Other women might want to answer this question. But men may take a crack at it, too!

Here is the question.

Ready, Freddy?

If you were Elisabeth Schwarzkopf....

... would you have married Walter Legge?

I say the answer is yes!

I don't care what people say about Walter Legge being an unpleasant human being. If I were Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and had a voice like hers that deserved to be heard, I would have gone for it with old Walter. Who, being a powerful person, would be able to do things for me.

I guess they were happy together.

Never having read that Legge book I am not sure. But in that picture they look of one mind.

I say Elisabeth Schwarzkopf knew what she was doing.

She does look like a wise woman.


  1. Men can take a crack at this? OK. A wise old Jewish philosopher once said if you marry for love you may have some happy days. If you marry for money (or security) you may have no happy days, but also no uneasy ones.

    And a wise old hick once said "No accountin' for taste, as the farmer said when he kissed the cow."

    That's the best I can do.

  2. no way, he treated her like dirt. He often criticized her, and corrected her in front of others.

  3. No, I would never have married him. He talked down to her, often in front of others. I don't know why she didn't tell him to lose the smoking, it couldn't have been good for her voice. She was already perfect, he was a bad tempered SOB.

  4. Never!... He was so horrible to her. I don't know why she let him speak to her like he did.

  5. Anonymous, thank you for keeping this discussion alive! This makes my day. How do you know these things? I will have to read up on this situation. What a terrible thing, to treat an artist like Elisabeth Schwarzkopf like dirt. If that's true he must have been a very insecure man.

  6. And for the first time, I think, I saw the first comment by our Prof. G. Interesting to ponder. LOL about the cow!