Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lang Lang's loose lips

Today I am going for the low-hanging fruit. There are lofty things I was going to explore but they will have to wait. We are going to take it easy today and play Shut Up and Play. In case you missed it last time, this is our ongoing feature in which we affectionately quote goofy things said by artists who can otherwise be very cool people.

Last week's Shut Up and Play, which focused on William Kapell, was rightfully contested by the always-erudite Prof. G. He had a point. Prof. G did I mean (Kapell's point, to tell you the truth, is still pretty foggy to me). I do not think anyone will contest today's quote. Although you are welcome to!

Today's talker is Lang Lang, pictured above.

And below.

"We saw Britney Spears at the Spectrum. The special effects were brilliant, the dancers gorgeous and Britney super-sexy."

That is from "Journey of a Thousand Miles," by Lang Lang, with David Ritz.

Mr. Lang, Mr. Lang! We love you but ...

Shut up and play!

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  1. Nolo contendre on today's entry. I'm not always erudite, I just know how to sound like it!

    Isn't anyone else inclined to comment here? I feel so isolated.