Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beethoven's hot nephew

The other day, carrying on about Beethoven, I got wondering about that movie that came out a couple of years ago called "Copying Beethoven."

That is a terrible title by the way. All these people getting paid all these bucks, and that is the best they could come up with? Well, "Beethoven" was already taken.

I do not believe "Copying Beethoven" ever came to Buffalo. I did not ever see it. But from what I read about it, it sounded interesting. Well, I am a Beethoven nut.

Anyway, just now I went on YouTube looking for the movie. Maybe, I thought, I could watch a few minutes of it, or the trailer, or something. Sure enough, some geek has posted a whole bunch of scenes from the movie. Maybe the whole movie, who knows. I walked in on this scene in which the woman assisting Beethoven with his copying -- we would all like that job, wouldn't we, girls? -- has met Beethoven's nephew, Karl van Beethoven.

So I watch the scene. And, you know, the acting isn't great, but the movie looks like fun, and I find myself thinking about Beethoven and his nephew and their complicated relationship, what an adventure it would have been to be Beethoven's copyist, comparing it with my experience with Leonard Pennario, etc. Above is a picture of the copyist in "Copying Beethoven." It reminds me of me, in California!

Well, one thing I love about YouTube are the comments. So eventually I look at the comments to see what other viewers of "Copying Beethoven" are thinking.

Here is what they are thinking:

Oh... MY... GAWD!

(Joe Anderson plays Karl van Beethoven.)

And the next comment ...

What A CUTIEEE *-*

And this is my favorite:

I'm sorry, but if he touched me like that, the last thing I would've done is slapped him. ;)

Followed by:

Ugh!! How dare she slaps him!!

(The deal was, Beethoven's nephew had tried to feel the copyist up.)

It goes on and on. You have to see it. Check out the link. Here it is again if you're too lazy to scroll up.

"His hat had me in tears." ... "Thank you dear God for making something so beautiful." ... "This one is a real masterpiece."

Such emotions! Such passions!!

Who says classical music is dead?


  1. Anyone remember the peculiar Paul Morrisey film "Beethoven's Nephew"? I think I shared it with MKG many years ago before the G was added to her initials.

    I know the real life Beethoven used to drive his copyists nuts with his illegible handwriting.

    Is it possible for a film to truly convey the tragedy and heroism of a physically and emotionally flawed human who conquered the greatest handicap someone in his field could develop and achieved artistic immortality by the work he wrung out of himself?

  2. Forget Joe Anderson (not the Tuscarora Tobacconist, I take it).

    Diane Kr├╝ger plays the copiest--talk about smokin'.

  3. Ward, you should go comment on that YouTube video! Poor Diane Kruger, there's no one speaking up for her.