Monday, March 4, 2013

The snow can stop now

 We have been seeing more sun these days. Well, I like to think we are! I saw a little bit of sun earlier today.

The other day I heard a mourning dove. I was on my way into the gym and stopped to make sure I heard it right. Yes! There it was again.

I mentioned this to the clerk at the gym as she signed me in but I do not think she knew what a mourning dove was. Hahahaha. It is not easy being smart! Sometimes it is lonely at the top.

I love the Mozart "Komm Lieber Mai" song because its words are about how long the winter is, which we here in Buffalo can identify with. The song also mentions winter pastimes like skiing and building houses of cards and how there gets to be a point when you are sick of them.

A lot of people can identify with this! It is no wonder this song has folk-song status in what we call the German-speaking lands. If you get on YouTube there are all kinds of amateur versions and versions with oddball instruments.

It is only March and we have a long time till May, but still.

Here is the song's translation so that all might enjoy.

Come, dear May, and make
The trees green again,
And let the little violets
Blossom by the brook!
How we'd like to see
A little flower again,
Ah, dear May, how we'd like
To go once for a walk.

It's true that winter days 
Bring many delights too,
We can trot in the snow
And play some evening games;
Build little houses of cards,
We play blind man's buff and off-ground tag,
There're sleigh races
On this dear free land.

Though, when the little birds are singing
And we're jumping, cheerful and nimble,
On the green lawns,
That's something else!
Now, my little baby horse
Has to stay here in the corner,
For, we can't go outside, in the garden,
Because of the dirt.

Ah, if only it were sweeter
And greener outside!
Come, dear May, we, children,
Do pray for you so much!
Oh, come and bring us all
Lots of violets,
Bring also lots of nightingales
And nice cuckoos!

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