Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friend in high places

Just when I thought nothing exciting would happen today I got on Twitter and learned that I was being followed by the conductor Lorin Maazel!

I was trying to think when I had written about Lorin Maazel before. This is when.

At the time I wrote that I remember loving how Maazel lived with his wife and his 106-year-old father. His father would be what now, 109? I hope he is still among us! I am not going to Google because if he is not, I do not want to find out.

That and, Lorin Maazel's wife is named Dietlinde. I remember that one day, reading up on all that.

Here is Lorin Maazel playing the heck out of the finale of Beethoven's Seventh.

Hahaa, I always love looking at the comments. One listener writes:

"Where the hell on earth do you find such movements written these days? I am such a fan of Beethoven!"

Me, too!

People on YouTube are sniffing about how fast Maazel takes this movement but it does not sound excessively fast to me. Admittedly I am biased because now he is my buddy.

On Twitter Lorin Maazel goes by @MaestroMaazel. He seems very plugged in! As of press time, he has 20,007 followers. I am one! I followed him back. And he follows 2,388 people. A mere 2,388 people I should say. And I am, ahem, one.

I am honored that Lorin Maazel follows me.

I will have to try not to Tweet annoying things.

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