Monday, April 2, 2012

The Queens of the Night face off

Cool video that allows you to contrast sopranos and costumes.

My heart lies with Lucia Popp because I am a 1970s baby. That was the era when I was a kid learning to listen. Also, those high tones! Like bells.

It is fun to watch these videos on YouTube. A while ago I posted one of Schumann's "Carnaval" that contrasted 10 or 12 great pianists. Lots of fun in all the different approaches. One can occupy oneself for hours arguing and splitting hairs.

"The Magic Flute," what a wonderful opera. Opera seria taking its last bow in these chilling, terrifying, utterly beautiful arias by the Queen of the Night. Admit it, she is everyone's favorite character. We would much rather hear her sing than hear Pamina sing. Admit it. Face it.

Josefa Weber, Mozart's sister-in-law, was the first Queen of the Night, if I remember correctly.

One of these days watch, she will turn up on YouTube.

Hey, you never know!

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