Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maazel tov

Today the Wall Street Journal spotlights Lorin Maazel, who is stepping down from the podium of the New York Philharmonic. You can read the story here. I think! I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal but I hope other people will be able to click through.

The story, by David Mermelstein, says that Maazel is 79 and lives in an antebellum mansion with his third wife and his 106-year-old father. I did not know that! I am always interested in reading about people's situations.

It also mentions Maazel's opera "1984," which I guess got unflattering reviews.

Maazel, undaunted, says he is going to devote more time to composing. Which, I have to be honest, I find it hard to get excited about that. Maazel should not take that personally. I find it hard to get excited about anyone composing.

It is not my fault! It is just what is out there. We do not live in a good era for musical composition and I do not know why that is but it is true.

Wow, all this unburdening of the soul, because Lorin Maazel wants to devote more time to composing! Oh, well, have at it, Maestro. What the heck, I'll give it a listen.

Here is an interview with Maazel filmed on -- I love this -- the London Eye, which is I know not what. A train? A plane? Sometimes it looks as if they are up in the air. Wait... could it be a Ferris wheel? Maazel looks like a charming person. I like the way he talks.

And up above is a picture of Maazel with his wife. She has a very interesting name. It is Dietlinde!

All these interesting things I am learning!

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