Monday, April 16, 2012

A song for the ship

Today when I saw the Herbert C. Jackson steam out of our harbor I thought of Schubert's "Der Schiffer."

That is what it is like to be a music nerd!

You do not really need the words to "Der Schiffer." It is all about a sailor reveling in the power and danger of the sea. He ends by saying what a heavenly joy it is to fight the storms. It is a very macho song! With a marvelous piano accompaniment.

Schubert loved those macho manly-man songs. It reminds you he was always kind of a kid. He never grew old enough to outgrow that, these chest-thumping songs about storms and ships and lords and ladies.

A song I love to play late at night. I used to listen to this as a teenager and just swoon. You never want to lose that, you know. Schubert never grew up and neither should we.

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