Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wang Dang Doodle, part 2

We return to the subject of Yuja Wang and her slinky mini. We are honored to have a comment by the pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont. He is an Internet buddy of mine. Here he is playing Janacek's beautiful "In the Mists."

That goes great with coffee at 6:15 a.m., I will say that! That pretty much sums up my reality.

Speaking of which, I caught myself writing "In a Mist" and then I corrected myself to "In the Mists." Then I sat there staring at it, thinking, wait, I thought it was "In a Mist," not plural.

Then I realize "In a Mist" is by Bix Beiderbecke.

That is a pretty piece! Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont should play it. Bix does a nice job with it there. I did not know Bix Beiderbecke played piano as well as cornet, you know? That is a great Heinie name by the way. Bix was short for Bismarck.

And there was his sidekick, the great saxophonist Frankie Trumbauer. They did this great laid-back record which I love. Lester Young used to love it too. He carried it around in his car trunk everywhere he went. I read that once.

Where am I? Now I am really in a mist. In the mists. How did I get here?

I was talking about Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont!

This will teach me to write on my Web log before I have finished my first cup of coffee.

Pierre-Arnaud is a great Blog-o-Land buddy because he is a pianist out there now, operating, and he knows a thing or two about how the world works. I am more expert about the piano world before I was born than I am about the one we actually live in now.

Monsieur Dablemont reminds me that we discussed sort of business once before, on his Web log, which we did. And he makes the point in a comment on the post that perhaps it is not up to Miss Wang what she wears.

I had not thought about that and perhaps it is true.

Perhaps her management made her wear that mini.

"But I do not want to wear it!"

"Wear it!"

Perhaps her management also made her wear that Russian fur hat for her Rachmaninoff album, pictured above. I am sorry but I find that picture so obnoxious! I would rather she just wore a mini.

You know what, I do not even know how I even got onto all this. It is hardly news any more when someone walks out on stage practically naked. There are so many young women musicians out there being marketed in pretty much the same way. It is getting almost impossible to stand out from the pack and if Yuja Wang's promoters did indeed make her wear that mini that must have been their objective.

Speaking of which, if it was, they have really succeeded, you know?

Look at all this ink!


  1. Third last paragraph: It would be news if Richard Goode walked out on the stage practically naked, but I don't think even Rupert Murdoch would run a picture!!

    I notice you're not posting this on Facebook, thus depriving your FB readership of my alleged witticisms. One more of my life's disappointments...

  2. I think that the Bix Beiderbecke reference really puts all the talk about this newest wardrobe malfunction in its proper place. Oh, and "In a Mist" is the only piano recording that Bix ever cut! SO great! :)

  3. Prof. G, what do you mean I'm not posting this on Facebook? Facebook does what it does. I haven't done anything to try to tell it what to do. I have to say, what you wrote has me laughing!

  4. Ben, about Bix, I agree with you, I think that piece is beautiful! I did not know it was the only piano recording he ever made. It's funny, I know I heard the piece before, because I knew it. But I had never thought about it. Thanks for the info! p.s. I wish Bix had made more piano recordings.