Monday, August 22, 2011

Sister act

There is this elegant new movie out that I am looking forward to. It is called "Mozart's Sister" and it is a fantasy about when Mozart was a kid and toured Europe with his father, Leopold, and sister, Nannerl.

I love how the 18th century looks in movies. You do not see the, ahem, outhouses and other inconveniences. You know what, just thinking out loud here, but those scatological references in the Mozart family's letters that raise everyone's eyebrows now, those references were very much of their time. Talking about s--- was probably much more accepted then because heck, it was all around you.

Anyway, the movie looks beautiful and anything about Mozart generally gets my vote.

The only trouble is, the movie starts out saying "The True Story of Mozart's Sister." It is very far from the true story and I do not know what the filmmakers were thinking, making that claim. I mean, come on, from what I gather from the trailer ...

...  it has her having a romance with the Dauphin in France. I am sorry about that picture of the trailer! It is early in the morning where I am plus it is Monday and I absolutely could not help it.

Also the movie exaggerates Nannerl's talents. She was talented but not compared with Wolfgang. Nothing personal, it is just that lightning does not strike twice like that.

Wolfgang was off the charts as far as humanity goes. It is ridiculous to imagine that his sister was just as talented, just as it would be ridiculous to imagine that if he had a brother, the brother would be as talented.

It worries me that this movie's story will become accepted as fact, the way aspects of "Amadeus" became accepted as fact when they were not.

Also the trailer ...

... shows footage of a nun behind a grate, and I suspect an agenda involving feminism and the Catholic Church. The nun is heard saying to Nannerl, "Imagine how our lives would have been different if we had been boys." I can imagine where that discussion is going and I suspect it will be both offensive and boring.

Plus people who do not know anything about religion or history are going to be shocked at the sight of the grate which will make it look as if the nun is in prison. You know the movie is going to capitalize on that.

Oh well. I guess that illustrates the never-ending fascination with the Catholic Church as well as with Mozart. That is good news to me.

The movie does look beautiful, in a perfumed and candle-lit way.

And the music should be good!


  1. Thanks, Mary, for the trailer-I'd like to see this film. I'll keep your cautions in mind.
    Did you stay up all night working on peppers & then posting blog entry at 5:08? Don't burn yourself out girlfriend!


  2. Cathy, you are so nice to write!! And to be concerned about me! I don't know why this thing said I posted at 5:08. It was about 7 a.m. I get up kind of early but I was not up all night.
    I am roasting more peppers now! Plus eggplant. I did not even get into talking about the eggplant. Next week: Step AWAY from the Clinton-Bailey Market!