Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 'Pause' that refreshes

You know how every once in a while life throws you these coincidences?

Last night I was driving home from seeing Jackie Jocko down at the Hyatt and I had Schubert's "Die Schone Mullerin" in my CD player. No big deal, this CD -- Dietrich Henschel is the singer -- has been living in the CD player for the last couple of weeks because I cannot get my act together to put in anything else. But as I neared my house the song "Pause" came on.

As I pull into my driveway I am thinking, I love this song.

This is one of the superior songs out of "Die Schone Mullerin." Well, one of the superior songs ever.

I can sing no more, my heart is too full.

And that enchanting line about what if a bee flies by and rustles the strings of the lute with its wings.

I walked into the house thinking about that song, turning it over in my mind, thinking how great it was. I got on YouTube and checked out a few versions. Some are too fast for me. I like this song slow and daydream-like.

Wow, who knew, there was even a version for flute and orchestra?

I sat there, listening. Then I realized, isn't this funny?

I had started the day writing on the Web log about Pitbull's "Pause."

Now it was the end of the long day and here I was listening to Schubert's "Pause."

It is even the same in both languages!

Let us take time to consider that.


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