Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crowded house

 Very cool old movie I found myself watching late last night about Robert and Clara Schumann, and Johannes Brahms. I think the whole thing is up on YouTube but I have only watched some of it.

In this clip you can see the Schumanns approached by the 20-year-old Johannes Brahms who comes up and knocks on their door.

I think whoever that actor is who played Schumann sort of captured his oddness. The actor who plays Brahms, he really should have been blond. There is no excuse for having a dark-haired guy playing Brahms. But his face sort of looks like the pictures you see of Brahms when he was young and I like his kind of moon-faced expression. I think he gets the expressions right.

Katharine Hepburn as Clara, got to love it!

The movie has all these sort of sitcom scenes but something prevents it from becoming annoying. At least so far! As I say I have only watched a bit of it.

I get such a kick out of these old movies. I think a movie like this one -- "Song of Love" is the name of it, by the way -- works better in some ways than the movies about musicians we get now. The old movies were not trying so hard.

Also, "Song of Love" does not skimp on the music. They must have known that the audience back then, which was 1947, could sit through an uncut performance of a Schumann or Brahms piano piece. Movies now really goof with that. You get a movie that is supposed to be about a musician but the one thing the movie never does is let you listen, you know?

I cannot wait to watch the rest of this movie. It will be my reward at the end of the day.

I will share my thoughts, unsolicited.

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