Sunday, March 4, 2012

Springtime in Paris

My friend Professor G posted this beautiful link on my Facebook page. It is of a Mass in a church in Paris.

The video is so beautiful. As the choir sings you see the children in the congregation. A baby sleeping in her crib. So pretty. At the Tridentine Mass people do not whisper and chitchat the way they do in modern Masses. That is one thing I like about it. I used to chitchat back in the day but as soon as I walked in to my first Tridentine Mass I knew right away not to.

They sing the same Kyrie we sing at St. Anthony of Padua Church here in Buffalo. 9 a.m. Sundays, folks. Come and sing that beautiful Kyrie with us!

They also sing the same Gloria. That is the Gloria of St. Gregory the Great that the great Ottorino Respighi works into his sparkling  "Church Windows." Listen to the end and you will hear that Gloria ring out. Isn't that marvelous over-the-top music? I know it well because the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra recorded it.

I love how in the top video, the choir and congregation alternate in the Gloria to make it a kind of call and response. Prof. G pointed out that they do that.

Can a giant hand pick me up and put me down in Paris so I can go to this Mass?

And after that I could hit a nice little place on the Left Bank. ...

Well, I am sure God would not mind.

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