Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home, James

The Scottish composer James MacMillan went to a Tridentine Mass in Amsterdam and he wrote about it for The Telegraph. I like his thoughts. I will never forget my first Tridentine Mass which I went to in October 2007. It changed my life, honest, in the first two seconds.

Everything clicked into place and I just stood there staring! It is a day I would like to live over again, just to feel everything I felt.

Anyway it is fascinating to me to read how the TLM, as it is abbreviated, hits MacMillan, who is passionate and (read the link) kind of a firebrand. His comments on Amsterdam are, shall we say, colorful.

We have performed MacMillan's music here in Buffalo. The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and JoAnn Falletta played his "Veni, Veni Emmanuel," which I realize I talked about once before. That performance was before my Tridentine Mass so I was still in my fog, otherwise I would have gotten him on the phone. Well, maybe I did get him on the phone. I am always flying by the seat of my pants and I often cannot remember who I have interviewed and who I have not.

Whether or not I talked to him, whether I understand his music or not, that is a picture of James MacMillan up above. He looks very Scottish, I have to say.

Congratulations, Mr. MacMillan, on your continued exploration of the Tridentine Mass!

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