Thursday, September 30, 2010

The latest Web logger

I am woefully behind!! It has been weeks since I wrote my last post. Fie. Fie on me! That must needs change.

But here is a comfort. Look at Alan Gilbert. He is the conductor of the New York Philharmonic!

And he is a Web logger, as of the other day. He has just launched a Web log on the Musical America site.

Lots of luck, Alan Gilbert! It ain't as easy as it looks. Note that he has already missed a few days. That is what I mean about his being a comfort.

Alan Gilbert's first post is a kind of dutiful and boring account of what he does during the course of a day, drop his kid off at pre-kindergarten, look over scores, drink coffee, whatever. I sort of skimmed over it.

"(I) spoke with Larry Tarlow, the Principal Librarian, asking him when I could expect the final installment of Wynton Marsalis’s revision of his piece that we are performing on Opening Night (September 22)..."

Better you than me! That is what I was thinking.

I am glad I am not the music director of the New York Philharmonic, you know?

It would be fun if Alan Gilbert relaxed into his Web log. If he started dumping on people who annoyed him, giving us little secrets on what really goes on at the New York Philharmonic, tells us the stupid stuff he is listening to that he would not normally admit to, why, then, we could get to like Alan Gilbert, our new Web log buddy.

My advice: Go for it, Mr. Gilbert.

Name names!


Settle scores!

We will be wishing and hoping.

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  1. Mary, Mary, go easy on the guy! Not everyone can be as good as you. Besides, he was probably forced into this thing by NY Phil management to make him look more cool, hip and happening. They're trying to make him compete in the PR arena with The Dude (aka Gustavo Dudamel). Good luck with that!