Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moonlight and the Moonwalk

I had fun the other day writing on The Buffalo News' Artsbeat blog about how everyone is comparing Michael Jackson to Mozart, but it is more fun to compare him with Beethoven.

Let me say this: I do not actually think he should be compared to either one.

Please, I want everyone to understand this.

Michael Jackson was one part talent and a whole bunch of parts marketing and producers and packaging. I mean, Quincy Jones. Mozart and Beethoven got to be who they are without benefit of Quincy Jones and that is a big thing.

Plus as far as his songs go I just do not get it.

But as a game and a puzzle it is fun to draw up these comparisons. And on Facebook one of my Facebook friends added that Beethoven is famous for the Moonlight Sonata and Michael Jackson is famous for the Moonwalk!

Plus, Beethoven wrote the Emperor Concerto and Michael Jackson was the Prince of Pop! Someone else pointed that out.

Michael Jackson received advice on his career from Prince. Beethoven received advice on his career from Prince Lobkowitz! That comparison just occurred to me. It is eerie!

We could go on and on!

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  1. I think the cheap shot at Quincy Jones, who is a big talent in his field - which admittedly is not European art music - gives off a white supremacist whiff. But with that in mind, I don't understand why the African American community is so grieved over the death of someone who did everything he could to look Caucasian.