Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not dissin' Kissin

Eduard Kunz made the semifinals of the Cliburn Competition! My plan is rolling forward on schedule to add prestige to my name. You can read the list of his competition here.

I see that Japanese pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii also made the cut. So Kunz will have him to contend with. Cousin Eduard will also have to steamroll over two Chinese pianists. Those Chinese pianists are tough!

Well, it is of no moment, to use a quaint expression I cribbed from "The Three Musketeers." Kunz's competition is of no moment. He will triumph. I have a feeling.

I rejoice that he is on his way!

I also rejoice in a crabby comment I got yesterday on my earlier post about Kunz and the Cliburn. What a classic crabby anonymous comment! I will reprint it here in case you do not feel like reading back.

Your comments are so superficial and miserable, you do not understand about music.This is not about who is in or who is out, or who is better looking...The fact that Kunz is really a wonderful pianist, doesn't mean that Kissin is out. Shame on you Mary Kunz!

That is the greatest! Usually I reply to negative anonymous comments by writing, "Oh, Anonymous, I was just kidding." Which is the truth! But in this case this classic is too good to neutralize it.

Instead we celebrate it! Perhaps it came from Kissin's mother. Hey, you never know.

Let us also celebrate the playing of Evgeny Kissin which I have always admired, I do not care what certain critics say.

This is charming.


  1. About anonymous comments: It always amuses me when attackers refuse to sign their names. I think it's also funny when someone froths at the mouth over what appears on a weblog. What a jounalist writes for publication- and pay- is one thing. Internet opinion can be as wacky or insightful as the weblogger is wacky or insightful. A blogger can write to produce a version of what Addison Dewitt says in All About Eve: "You have a point. An idiotic one, but a point." Still (he said, making a u-turn), we have had well paid journalists like Westbrook Pegler and Walter Winchell, to go back to Hearst days, who could operate like psychopaths and set out to ridicule and destroy anyone who displeased them. Being a journalist, to adapt a line by Erich Segal, means never having to say you're sorry. It's also true that many no talents in the classical music world, both pundits and concert management types, love to preen their vanities by having those that they know are their superiors bow and scrape to them.

    To show that I won't hide about this issue, I'll post this under my real name and not hide behind the Prof. G. label.

  2. The new generation of Kissins and Lang Langs is already coming forth.
    Check this out: