Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rage over a lost concert

As if it is not bad enough that this nasty bug has kept me quarantined for four days now, I had to miss Menahem Pressler with the Muir Quartet, playing at Kleinhans Music Hall's Mary Seaton Room. Our reviewer Garaud MacTaggart got to go instead of me. And he is on Facebook right now gloating about how great it was.

Curse you, Garaud, and the horse you rode in on!

The Muir Quartet is great. I interviewed their leader, Peter Zazofsky, once. The hardest part of it was training myself to say his name. It is a tongue twister! I was walking around for three days going "Mr. Zazofsky" so I would not stumble over it.

But what I am really feeling bad about tonight is Menahem Pressler. I had been looking forward to him forever. I heard him a few years ago and he was wonderful and I did not get to write about him then and I was hoping to write about him this time around.

What is the saying: Man tracht. Gott lacht.

Translation: Menahem Pressler fan plans, God laughs.

Plus he was playing Brahms!

Sniffle sniffle.

Cursed cold.

Here is my consolation prize ... Pressler playing Schubert. It comes in in the middle but it is worth it for the terrified-looking page turner. You have to love those terrified-looking page turners. We should start a Page Turner Hall of Fame, on this blog.

And a Lost Concerts Hall of Fame.

This one would certainly qualify.

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