Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Brahms song heard 'round the world

A group of us are sitting here tonight obsessed with this one Brahms song, "Die Schwestern" ("the sisters"). It is a video on YouTube by Barbara Bonney and Angelika Kirchschlager.

My colleague Doug Turner posted it on Facebook. I am privileged to say my colleague because actually he is our Washington columnist which puts him over me. But anyway, he posted "Die Schwestern" and I watched it.

I wrote to Doug on Facebook that I love the song and the moment it goes sour, when you can tell there's trouble. That happens when the two sisters, who have always been buddy-buddy, suddenly love the same guy.

Not fun!  And there is that affectionately mocking Brahms piano accompaniment.

But anyway. Meanwhile Howard reads what I wrote to Doug, about the moment it goes sour. And Howard gets curious and watches the song himself.

And he is disappointed!

He said, "From what you wrote to Doug I thought one of them was going to fall off the stage or something."

Hahaha! No such luck.

But a good song all the same.

I love the idea that Howard watched it all the way through, being that he is not normally a Brahms song person. Even if he watched it thinking someone was going to fall off the stage, so what.

His life is the richer for it!

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