Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Showdown in Toronto

To my ears comes news of a new piano competition in Toronto. It is the Chinese Cultural Centre Piano Competition! The sponsor is Yamaha. The big question is whether you have to be Chinese to enter. Every contestant they mention seems to be Chinese.

Rounds I-III take place in November in the P C Ho Theatre in Scarborough. That is a name I love, the P C Ho Theatre.

One of the jurors is John Giordano. I would love to go up to Toronto just to meet him. He has been the chairman of the jurors of the Van Cliburn Competition forever and he is from the Buffalo area. I spoke with him for my book about Leonard Pennario because Pennario judged that competition for so long. It is great, the thought of the Cliburn Competition being under the control of these two guys from Buffalo.

But back to the Chinese Cultural Centre Piano Competition. I am saving the best for last. The vice president of the competition has the most wonderful name.

It is Dr. Dong-Dong Dong!

Here is a picture of her. Dr. Dong-Dong Dong received her doctorate from Eastman.

As one of my friends says, it sounds like a doorbell.

Opportunity knocks!

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