Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gustav Mahler tells all!

Yesterday I took my mom to a doctor appointment and lying on a table in the waiting room was this magazine!

I looked at the headline and all I could think of was: This must be some artist or actor talking about why he left the city of Vienna. I wondered why he would leave Vienna. I wondered what had happened to him there. I was reaching for the magazine, interested, when I saw the smaller headlines, and realized my mistake.

Oh, of course, Vienna was a woman. It was not the city.

Someone named a kid Vienna.

Then I felt stupid, thinking, what did I expect? Gustav Mahler discussing discrimination he felt he suffered at the Vienna State Opera? What?

Moments like this remind me of what a nerd I am.


  1. C'mon! "People" magazine? The legit article would have been "Why I Left Gustav" by Alma!

  2. And a sub headline would read "Kicky pics of trophy wife with new Aryan boy toy."