Friday, August 27, 2010

Choose your poison

Probably all the Mozart fans out there have already seen this, but the New York Times did a story about a guy who has catalogued all the possible theories as to what caused Mozart's death.

Howard startled me by asking, "What's your favorite?"

I did not know!

Upon reflection I was thinking it might be that the Freemasons did Mozart in. I am not saying I think that is what happened, I am just saying that is my favorite theory.

I also think, as I wrote before, that the way that anonymous man in gray visited Mozart demanding the Requiem is a very strange story. I think the Times story was remiss not to mention that. To me that hints at some kind of foul play, I am sorry. It is funny, that story is established as fact but somehow we do not think about it.

Mostly what the Times story tackles are medical theories.

Kidney failure, pneumonia, stroke, congestive heart failure. It is amazing: There are at least 118 different theories.

What's your favorite?

Whatever it is, above is a cool picture of Mozart on his deathbed.

Here is his death certificate. The New York Times linked to it and I have been studying it.

"Nerd," Howard said when he walked in and found me poring over it.

But it fascinates me!

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