Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wonder boy

Remember those Mozart pieces that were discovered at the Mozarteum? You can read about them here in the British Guardian. Above is a picture of the performance.

Has everyone checked that music out? I only just now got around to it.

Here, hear!

I get a kick out of that earnest Mozart scholar, with his glasses and his German accent.

About the music itself: No big surprises, I guess. But I would take issue with one commentator I happened on who described the pieces as nothing special. I think you can detect Mozart's hand in the music, and as long as you can say that, the pieces are something special.

Which is to say that, even though he may have been 7 when he wrote them, they are better than most of the music being written at that time -- by which I mean that 18th century Muzak written by competent composers following the formula. It is exciting to hear that first spark and think where it was going to go.

Ha, ha! I have to laugh at this airbrained TV coverage of the event. The reporter sounds like a Valley Girl and mispronounces "Mozart," "Mozarteum," "Wolfgang," everything. Love the one comment someone wrote: "Shut up so we can hear, you swine."

Still it is great to have Mozart in the mainstream media. You cannot have too much of him! And now we have just a little bit more.

That is always cause for rejoicing.

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