Thursday, August 6, 2009

The big ring beckons

Van Cliburn (above, with Tchaikovsky) must be up around the clock these days.

Oh wait, he is always up around the clock. Once when I had to interview him we were going to fix the time at 4 a.m. Darn, the Philharmonic's publicists talked him out of it before I could say yes. It would have been fun, to talk to Van Cliburn at 4 a.m., in my pajamas. But alas.

The reason I was saying he must be up around the clock is that hardly has the Van Cliburn Competition ended in a shower of sparks but they are announcing the Cliburn YouTube Contest for Amateur Pianists!

This is the second time they have held this YouTube competition. It is a part of the process of finding pianists to compete in the big Van Cliburn International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs.

I cannot believe I just used that word "big." I used to use "big" to the distinguish the Amateur Competition from the "big" Van Cliburn Competition -- that is, the one for the pros.

How complicated the world is becoming!

I wonder if I should join this YouTube competition. I wonder what I should work up. I did have a great time in the first Cliburn Amateur Competition, I will say that.

I wonder how many people compete in the YouTube contest. Probably everyone!

Who would ever have guessed at any of this, when we were kids practicing Clementi? I remember wishing along the way that there were competitions like this, where amateurs could get up and compete.

That is a wish that came true!

I should have watched out what I wished for.

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