Saturday, August 29, 2009

What a site I see

It is funny that yesterday my friend who goes by the name "Paladino" wrote in those comments about How did he know that the site had eaten half my morning?

Once I get on that site I cannot get off it!

The deal is, with Instant Encore, you can find Web logs and podcasts and video performances and interviews, etc., etc., etc. Yesterday, as it happened, I did go looking for Thomas Hampson on Instant Encore. And I was just so overwhelmed by all the things I found that I could not even see getting into that.

Now I see you can listen to "Hard Times, Come Again No More" here on the site.

It is also included in an interview Hampson gave to WFMT. I am listening to it now. The interviewer calls Thomas Hampson "Tom." "Tell me, Tom..." Hahahaha!

Remember when my friend Steve talked about "Gerry" Schwartz?

There I go again! Maybe it is because it is Saturday but I am laughing at things. I am even laughing at the grim "Hard Times, Come Again No More." That is because I have heard this song a number of times now and there is this one line that goes: "'Tis a wail that is heard upon the shore."

I do not know why but I kept thinking, "whale."

"'Tis a whale that is heard upon the shore."

Someone should have thought of that back when Stephen Foster was writing the song!

Back to the benefits of Instant Encore. On the Thomas Hampson page you can sign up to be a Thomas Hampson fan and then whenever I mention Thomas Hampson you will get a handy notice in your email. Whenever any other one of the Instant Encore Web loggers mentions him you will also get a notice. But I thought I would mention myself first.

You will also be notified of Thomas Hampson videos and podcasts added. A most welcome intrusion into a busy work day!

They have Leonard Pennario on the site too. I love the site for that. You can sign up to be a fan of his, too, which, who would not want to do that?

I will continue to explore the wonders of Instant Encore!

At the cost of much productivity.

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