Monday, February 25, 2013

The stand-up maestro

It is a long and winding story how I stumbled on this, but there is this long list of funny things said by conductor Eugene Ormandy.

The list is titled: "Why Do You Always Insist on Playing When I'm Trying To Conduct?"

I had no idea Ormandy was such a funny guy! I mean, I knew something about him because of researching Leonard Pennario, because Pennario played with him, but I had no idea he had this reputation of saying goofy things.

I like guys who, like Prince Philip, say funny things. A few on the Ormandy list I especially like:

That's the way Stravinsky was - bup bup bup. The poor guy's dead now - play it legato.

Think of your girlfriend or your boyfriend or whoever you want to.

All of you are ready to start so I must be ready.

After two minutes after this time, and I am already here.

That was perfect. It was just the opposite from what I said yesterday.

With us tonight is William Warfield who is with us tonight. 

Please follow me because I have to follow him and he isn't here.

Ha, ha!

They do not make conductors like they used to!

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