Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bedroom community

 Ben Heppner singing the Italian Singer's Aria from "Der Rosenkavalier" ... that is so last week.

This week it is Jonas Kaufmann.

Howard and I were laughing yesterday at how Jonas handles the part. He behaves so Italian! He kind of swaggers good-naturedly in and is all smiles and charm.

The old guys watching the score are completely believable.

This clip comes from Baden-Baden, Germany, where part of my family is from. The costumes are kind of creative. They are modern era but somehow fit in among the wigs and breeches of the footmen. I always enjoy this scene, where the Marschallin is receiving petitioners in her bedroom. Imagine that, you hold court in your bedchamber for this parade of people who are bowing and scraping.

One thing bugs me, though. I am not impressed with the bed. This big, sloppy, lumpy bed, it looks like the futon in my old apartment.

But the singing, no problem with that. Kaufmann always sounds like a baritone to me. Something mysterious is going on there. He brings a lot of power to the aria and also I like his sense of fun.


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