Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sir Tristan meets his match

Love this story about the Tristan monument in Cornwall, England, being moved to make way for a bus stop.

He apparently fought Lancelot (see picture above) but now he must fight the transit system!

It sounds totally like something that would happen in Buffalo.

The story is not as bad as it sounds considering that the stone has already been moved at least once. Isn't it the whole point of a gravestone that you can stand there and think whose body lies there? So that was already lost, if what I am reading is true.

Meanwhile, I am watching that post-Apocalyptic looking clip they put with the story. Whoever staged that "Tristan" production did not break the bank on it, that is for sure. What is that in the middle, a chair with a sheet over it?

I like that entire site, "The Wagnerian." I had never seen it before. It seems to be run from England. I just might have to subscribe to it to keep up to date on all my Wagner news.

This got me laughing:

The Wagnerian is published by S.M. Moran. Educated at Eaton and then Oxford,  Seb has had a long career in a range of professions, but specializing in public relations. While, much of that career has been spent in the UK, he has also spent  brief periods  in the Middle East, India, Africa, the Himalayas and Switzerland. Now retired, Seb spends much of his time divided between Wagner, sports and his club in London. 

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