Monday, January 7, 2013

My medieval Christmas

 OK, after a cool couple of weeks with no musical thoughts, I break my silence with ...

Resonet in Laudibus!

We sang it yesterday at church.

I had it in my head wrong and had to relearn one line of it. I don't know where I picked it up wrong, I just did. Later on Sunday I went and asked my mother about it. My mother started singing it the way I had had it in my head. So maybe I got it from her.

Whatever the particulars, "Resonet in Laudibus" is an ancient song I love.

Its gently rocking rhythm makes it perfect for a lullaby. Brahms wove "Resonet in Laudibus" into his famous "Spiritual Cradle Song." "Spiritual" is not a perfect translation for "Geistliches." There is no perfect translation for "Geistliches."

 Max Reger used it in his famous cradle song too.


Next Christmas when we sing it I will be ready.

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