Sunday, November 18, 2012

Music from out of this world

My friend Ward asked on my last post that we listen to this chant from Chanticleer.

It is beautiful!

This is Palestrina's treatment of the chant that inspired Beethoven.

Or did it? I have been so scattered and I have so much work to do that I have trouble focusing. Even tonight I cannot listen properly. I have too much stuff to do for the office in the morning. The melody Palestrina uses does not exactly sound like Beethoven's melody. But still, this is fascinating.

Palestrina's music is always so beautiful. I always remember the first time I heard it, on the radio one night in the car. This is Palestrina, I thought. This has to be.

I love listening to Gregorian chant this time of year, when we are plunged into darkness every day at 5.

It is this mysterious and mystical time of year and the music goes with it so well. You think of things spiritual and timeless.

Thank you, Ward, for this chant!

Thank you Chanticleer!

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