Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Schubert Top 10

In honor of Franz Schubert's birthday today I was thinking about what that gentleman from the Schubert Club asked me about what were my favorite Schubert songs.

He asked me that question as a comment. I had told him I would answer him and I never did.

I have not actually given my answer any thought but I can work on it off the top of my head.

1.) "Nahe das Geliebten." "The nearness of the beloved."

2.) "Der Jungling An Der Quelle." I love the shortness of this song, its singsong, hypnotic nature.

3.) "Normans Gesang." Loved this since I was a teenager, no secret. I link to it all the time. I love the youthful nature of the song, the horse galloping, the knight thinking of his lady.

4.) "Willkommen und Abschied." Oddly enough this is a latter-day favorite. I only discovered it a few months ago.

5.) All the songs in "Die Schoene Muellerin."

6.) "Totengrabers Heimweh." I love this image of the gravedigger wanting to follow the dead people into the grave. This is funny, this is kind of a wild slot. I could actually fill this with one out of 100 odd Schubert songs that just strike me as right on one day or another.

7.) "Der Wanderer." This one is for my friend Peter who would always sing the first line. You have to put the weight of the world in that first line!

8.) "Dithyrambe." I loved this song as a teenager about the gods who get you drunk. But it is not on YouTube.

Oh my gosh my golly! I found it! I cannot believe it. The singer is Georg Hann. I have never heard of him! But I love this recording. I am sitting here laughing. The recording sounds really old. I have not heard this song in 20 years. Too funny.

9.) "Das Lied Im Grunen."

10.) "Nacht und Traume."

11.) "Standchen." I am sorry, I love it!

12.) "Liebesbotschaft."

Oh, help me someone!

I just cannot stop! There are just so many. If I were smart I would just go ahead and name my Top 100. If I even could.

Happy birthday, Franz Schubert!

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