Monday, January 16, 2012

Lieder of the pack

So a colleague of mine posts on Facebook this video of Dietrich Fischer Dieskau singing "Gute Nacht" from Schubert's "Die Winterreise," accompanied by pianist Al Brendel.

And naturally I have to pause in my work day and watch it.

Hahahahaa! I got more than I bargained on!

I get such a kick out of it when YouTube throws an ad up at you. "Your video will start in 10 seconds," you read.

You would not believe the ad they channeled at me, the Schubert fan seeking to watch "Gute Nacht."

It was a screaming ad for a movie concert by Van Halen!

Watching the video again the ad was different. This time it was for a trashy movie starring Rob Lowe.

What kind of robo-ad person would come up with that? What, do they think "Wintterreise" is some kind of kraft metal band?

You know what they say about Schubert, the wonder never ceases.

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