Monday, May 3, 2010

A Monday in the country

Let's get this Web log rolling again! If I see Ivo Pogorelich's face one more time I am going to lose it. Every day I log onto my Leonard Pennario Web log and there is Pogo in the corner, staring at me.

No more!

He reminds me of the villain from the "Austin Powers" movies. I cannot think of that character's name right now but I cannot like at Ivo P. without thinking of him. Maybe it's me. I just cannot help it.

Today the Web log zooms across the world to Heiligenstadt. I would rather have Heiligenstadt looking at me. Above is a statue of Beethoven at Heiligenstadt. I think they made Beethoven a little short. I read he was 5'6" which stuck in my head because it is my height. Well, a minor quibble.

Heiligenstadt was the town where Beethoven used to go to relax. There is the famous Heiligenstadt Testament, an anguished letter he wrote to his brother about his deafness. Beethoven wrote that letter in Heiligenstadt.

A few weeks ago my friend Prof. G sent me a video of the house in Heiligenstadt where Beethoven lived.

The homemade video, made 16 years ago, is so touching. You see the thunderstruck young Beethoven fan, exploring Beethoven's house in Heiligenstadt, looking at his manuscripts and playing a sweet Bagatelle. Doing a fine job with the Bagatelle, too, as Prof. G pointed out.

I love when he runs his hands gingerly over the piano keys and then holds his hands up in the air, as if, "I won't touch."

One of the comments gives the impression that if you ask to play Beethoven's piano at his Heiligenstadt house they are often pretty good about it. It depends on who is on duty, but there is a good chance they will tell you yes. That is a nice and very Beethoven way to be!

Most of all on this hectic Monday morning I am drawn toward the part of the clip where the camera takes you down the stairs and casually shows you the countryside. You can almost feel the breezes and the summer air. I can see what Beethoven loved in the place. I wish I were there this morning and not going to the office, I will tell you that.

I want to be at Beethoven's house in Heiligenstadt this morning.

Looking at his manuscripts.

Playing his piano.


  1. I wonder if Beethoven tried absinthe - probably not. I think he'd have palled around with you more than me. I know he threw Schindler out for a while because Karl Holz made a better drinking buddy. I looked at the statue, and (sorry to be an idol breaker) I always think he's been sculpted to look more distinguished than he did in life. I like the sketches made of him on the street with the top hat on the back of his head; probably closer to what you saw when you saw him in the flesh.