Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dohnanyi Radio

I love the wild and woolly world of Internet radio.

Today writing on my Leonard Pennario Web log about a conversation I had with the biographer of Ernst von Dohnanyi I was Googling around looking for this and that. And I found Ernst von Dohnanyi Radio. That is Dohnanyi pictured above. Here he is a little bit older.

It is funny how he kept that same look. Very distinguished, a little suspicious.

Back to Ernst von Dohnanyi Radio. I listened for a while. It was not strictly Dohnanyi -- as a matter of fact, I did not hear any Dohnanyi in the 10 or 15 minutes I listened. It seemed to be music that someone who liked Dohnanyi would like. Which, I have to say they are right. I like Dohnanyi, and I liked what I heard on Ernst von Dohnanyi Radio. They played the Brahms Lullaby, Then an orchestra-plus-soprano version, in the original German, of Schubert's "Ave Maria." Then a weird choral piece by Rachmaninoff that I loved.

Intrigued, I began looking around this site -- Last FM, it is called -- to see what else it offered. "Why not try Foo Fighters, Muse, indie or rock?" it prompted me. Ha, ha! Because I do not want to listen to them, that is why.

Instead I opted for a string of Cyrillic letters. And it wound up being Prokofiev.

As you listen to Prokofiev Radio you get to look at a whole bundle of beautiful old photos of old Serge. They were playing Vladimir Ashkenazy playing the Piano Concerto No. 1.

This is a fine way to get behind with your day first thing.

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