Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Opera Man

It is great to see an opera singer revered in the Wall Street Journal as a paragon of fitness! Yesterday they were interviewing Nathan Gunn about his workout.

That is the column: "What's Your Workout?"

Just a couple of weeks ago the column was our very own Terrell Owens, of the Buffalo Bills.

Now it is Nathan Gunn. And sure, as Wikipedia notes, Mr. Gunn has been known for his physique. Sure, he made that People magazine list of sexiest men alive.

Still, it is opera! I like it when opera makes it into the mainstream.

Here is a sexy scene involving Nathan Gunn in "An American Tragedy." Warning: Whatever you do, do not read the comments! They are filthy!

Here he is as Lancelot in "Camelot." I am having a great time here, I will tell you, with my mini-Nathan Gunn film fest!

Oh, wait! "If Ever I Would Leave You."

I was waiting for this one.

OK, back to opera. Nathan Gunn was Papageno too.

Nathan Gunn almost never eats breakfast. That is what I read in the Wall Street Journal! When he does it is just a cup of yogurt or a piece of bread. He likes to eat steak and zucchini.

This whole adventure has been worth it because it has led me to a site called Barihunks. That is baritones who are hunks.

So many ways to while away a winter evening!


  1. Well, if you can write about hunks, I can ask who's the woman? Stacked!!

  2. Barihunks? You can have them but I will have the "Schwanengesang"! Schubert has a very special place in my heart.

  3. Thanks for linking to the Camelot and Magic Flute videos. Check out the rest of my youtube account the next time you feel like whiling away a winter evening with Nathan Gunn. :)

    The woman in the photo is Patricia Racette and she's taken - she has a girlfriend.

  4. Oh well, I'm married, anyway...