Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From Beethoven to the natives of Truk

At the same time we celebrate Beethoven's birthday today we mourn the situation in Honolulu. Poor Honolulu! It appears the city is in trouble with violence and gangs and on top of everything else it might be losing its orchestra.

It all comes to my attention because our music director here in Buffalo, JoAnn Falletta, is also the music director of the Honolulu Symphony. They are giving a free concert in Honolulu of the Beethoven Ninth to say "thank you" to everyone who has supported them, and the rest of the season appears to be canceled.

I feel sorry for Honolulu. I had not realized their orchestra goes back to 1900. That is older than ours! It is older than most orchestras.

Perhaps the city's situation sounds worse than it is. I am holding out hope for that. Here in Buffalo we are always seeing our town described in dire terms that are not true to life.

But the comments on that story I linked to above! Someone writes:

Kids continue to speed like idiots and kill...the police are doing a great job of shooting at everything that moves but can't stop Micronesian, Marshallese, natives of Truk, and who knows where else, from trying to steal, stab, and otherwise make our community a hell for drug awareness, that is all it is, makes us aware that we have a drug problem. At least some of us can enjoy some peace and quiet in a darkened hall and listen to some talent.

What are these natives of Truk? That sounds like something out of "Star Wars."

It does not sound good!

And as far as sitting in peace and quiet in a darkened hall, it looks as if that is coming to an end.

We will have to monitor this situation.

Meanwhile back to Beethoven. Before Cole Porter's "I Love You" there was Beethoven's "I Love You."

Listen to it here.

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