Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fathers and sons, Part 3

Usually I do not blog twice in one day but today I cannot help it. I just saw the kickiest story in the Wall Street Journal that plays right into our Fathers and Sons theme.

There is this grandson of Serge Prokofiev whose name is Gabriel Prokofiev. He is a DJ in a club. Above is a picture of Gabriel Prokofiev.

I do not know if I would quite call Gabriel Proky a chip off the old block but there might be a bit of family resemblance. Here is his grandfather.

Just in case after reading my earlier post you think I am a crab, I have to say I like what Gabriel Prokofiev is doing, which is presenting what we would generally call classical music side by side with other more pop stuff, like electronic music and indie rock.

The writer, Greg Sandow, is saying this is one way to get new audiences to discover classical music, by presenting it in informal settings, alongside the "pop" music these young listeners already like. You can talk or, as someone in the story suggests, "get rowdy."

That is great, I say!

And it works both ways. Who knows, listeners who love classical music might get to like some of this other stuff if we did not have to sit there silently for two hours and listen to it. I would probably be able to make peace with a lot of new music if I did not have to sit there silently listening to it and growing bewildered and bored.

In any case, interesting ideas, thanks in part to Gabriel Prokofiev. In his honor we listen to his granddaddy's "Visions Fugitives."

Check out the story here.

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