Monday, December 9, 2013

A gallery of great musicians and their dogs

This morning because of my Pennario project I found myself checking into something regarding the conductor Artur Rodzinski, and I happened on this treasure --

A trove of pictures of musicians and their dogs!

The pictures come from Life magazine. That is Maestro Rodzinski up above, with his wife, Halina. It is great how the dog is jumping into her arms!

Conductor Andre Kostelanetz had a great sheepdog named Puff.

I saved the best for last, tenor Lauritz Melchior -- hmmm, this is cool, all three of this musicians figured in Pennario's life -- and his wife and their Great Dane.

A big dog for a big voice!

The whole gallery is fascinating. There are a lot of actors and actresses I don't know, but just the styles, the elegance of the era draws you in.

Howard and I were laughing at Lauritz Melchior and the other Great Dane, Victor Borge.

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