Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Mozart vaudeville circuit

Our homage to Don Mozart has smoked out memories of Fred Mozart the former fire-eater.

He started a vaudeville circuit called the Mozart Circuit!

Fred Mozart was brought to our attention by Prof. G, erudite font of music information and friend to this Web log. He learned about it in a book about vaudeville he got as a present. Whoever gave him that book, that is a good friend! Who would not want a book about vaudeville?

We are guessing that book is "No Applause, Just Throw Money."

Here is the excerpt on Google Books. Love the matter-of-fact way the info is presented. It simply refers to "the Mozart Circuit (founded by former fire-eater Fred Mozart) in Pennsylvania and New York."

We could not find a picture of Fred Mozart so instead up above is a picture of George Mozart. He was another vaudevillian. Wow, who knew there were all these Mozarts in vaudeville? I think Mozart himself would have gotten a kick out of it. I would imagine none of these vaudevillians was actually born with the name of Mozart although you never know. George Mozart's real name was David John Gillings.

Meanwhile, in honor of Mozart the fire-eater there is Mozart the fireplace.


  1. he is a my favorite playing keyboard,,,,, he is a legend

  2. I assume you mean Pennario ... thanks for your comment! Pennario is my favorite keyboard player too!