Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maurice Sendak and Mozart

I felt bad to hear of Maurice Sendak's death. I will miss him!

We were both Mozart fans.

Little has been said about this in the obituaries I have read. So it is up to me AS USUAL to point this out: Maurice Sendak loved Mozart and worked him into a few of his books. You had to look closely but he would be there.

Above is a Maurice Sendak nursery poster you can buy for $14.89 of Mozart walking in the garden. I know the portrait he modeled his Mozart off of. It is the Doris Stock portrait.

Not the most flattering picture! But more realistic than other Mozart portraits I have seen.

They put a Maurice Sendak picture of Mozart on the cover of an edition I had of the Wolfgang Hildesheimer biography.

And here is Sendak's picture of Mozart writing "The Magic Flute."

You can tell by this picture that Maurice was hard-core as far as being a Mozart fan. Those are the Three Boys approaching him. The Three Boys are out of the opera. And Sendak clearly knew that Mozart had written the opera in a little hut. They sort of confined him there so he would get it done.

There are other pictures of Mozart in Sendak's books. I cannot think which ones off the top of my head. You must seek them out. Sometimes you have to look carefully.

I hear that Mozart was Maurice Sendak's favorite composer and looking at the pictures, I believe it.

I hope that in the afterlife they get to meet!

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