Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The diva does Pilates

Yesterday I went to a Pilates class and later I was writing about it on my other Web log. I got on the 'Net and began looking at pictures of Joseph Pilates.

And I found that great old picture up above of Pilates coaching the great coloratura soprano Roberta Peters!

Isn't that classic? It was taken in February 1951. I love when you find a picture of someone beautiful and glamorous ...

... and there she is in her exercise clothes, doing Pilates, just like me.

Well, not exactly just like me.

She gets Joseph Pilates herself to teach her!

"This is my trainer, Joe Pilates." That would be the greatest. Well, it would have been. It is too late now because Pilates is no longer among us. He was around for a long time, healthy as a horse, but all good things must come to an end and now you may no longer take Pilates from Pilates.

Here is a great vintage "Traviata" starring Peters.

Those Pilates lessons paid off!

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