Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jones-ing for Jonas

My friend Marta through whom I live vicariously resides in Los Angeles and in a couple of weeks she and her husband -- my piano teacher, Stephen Manes -- are going to hear the tenor Jonas Kaufmann in recital. I am envious and restless.

I chose the above picture of Kaufmann because I thought the red would look snazzy on the Web log. But you cannot have too many pictures of Jonas Kaufmann so here is another.

Ha, ha! This particular photo shoot appears to have gone a little bit awry.

Well, ahem. Back to Kaufmann and that wonderful voice. It is a funny thing about Jonas K ... I know he is a tenor but I keep wanting to say he is a baritone. He somehow manages to have the kind of tenor voice that makes you think he is a baritone. But soft! I repeat myself. I realize I had this in my head back when Mr. Kaufmann first came to my attention.

Here is the program for Kaufmann's recital which, I wish a giant hand could pick me up and put me down there right now. They put the program on the Internet to torture you, how about that?

He is singing Schumann's Kerner Lieder. I love that set of songs. You do not hear them as often as some of Schumann's other songs.

Not that we do not love those other songs. "In wunderschoenen Monat Mai..." It feels as if you are standing up in the morning in your pajamas and stretching. Jonas Kaufmann is singing "Dichterliebe" too at his Los Angeles recital. Sigh.

On the bright side, that is a beautiful video. It has the first three songs, one melting into another, with luminous images. Schumann nailed it, you know? I look back on the months of May that I remember when I was a teenager and in my 20s and they are equal parts beauty and misery.

"Und wenn du mich lieb hast, Kindchen..." That is a line I love!

La la la la la la la.


Oh well.

Time to pull my head out of the clouds and get on with my onerous Tuesday.

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