Friday, October 29, 2010

Viva la diva

The recent passing of the diva Joan Sutherland has gotten me wondering: Which divas are left from that generation?

We are talking people born in the 1920s.

I thought of Leontyne Price, above. She was born Feb. 10, 1927. Back in the 1970s, when I was a kid, Leontyne Price was opera. It was not a real opera event until they brought out Leontyne Price, and her voice, and her Afro.

Roberta Peters ....

... who sang a heck of a Queen of the Night is still among us. She was born May 4,1930. 

Gwyneth Jones...

... being born in 1936 is a little young for our purposes.

Who else??

There must be others.

This is a question to occupy you when you are stuck for a few minutes in an elevator or a bank line.


  1. A fun question to muse on.
    Here are some divas who are still going strong (I spend a lot of time in bank lines):

    Licia Albanese, born 1913
    Marta Eggerth, born 1912
    Regina Resnik, born 1922
    Galina Vishnevskaya, born 1926
    Lucine Amara, born 1924
    Virginia Zeani, born 1925