Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Twisted sister

Just now looking around for this and that, I happened on this picture that was used on the advertisements for "The Piano Teacher," a movie that came out a few years ago.

Wow, was that false advertising or what?

Did anyone else see that movie?

What a doozie!

It was dark and strange and weird and twisted. And they hook you by showing you this slightly comic picture of two people indulging in, ahem, amour on a bathroom floor.


As if it is some kind of romantic comedy!

Whereas in real life, I mean in the movie, there was this woman, the Isabelle Huppert character, brooding to Schubert and mutilating herself. I had to write something about it in the paper and I can't remember what in the world I wrote. I do remember resenting the movie. It fed into the notion a lot of people have that people into classical piano are crazy.

There was some kind of romance between this twisted teacher and this younger guy, her student, but as I recall it lasted about five minutes.

We should sue.


  1. I think the bigger story is that the picture features North Buffalo floor tile!

  2. Howard, that floors me! That is the real story!