Monday, June 21, 2010

Man of mystery

Yesterday's Web logger, the Palm Beach Post's Greg Stepanich, also mentioned a Mozart portrait I could not call immediately to mind. The artist's name is Edlinger. I went and found it on the Internet and that is it up above.

Ha, ha! What did I write yesterday about no matter what they tell us about Mozart's appearance he remains to many an erotic figure? That picture above does not make him look so good, I have to say that.

Like the photo of Konstanze we chewed on yesterday, this picture may or may not be authentic.

But as in the case of the Konstanze picture, it does look like him to me. The Palm Beach Post guy, whose mind tends to wander like mine, points out that the touch of gray in Mozart's hair suggests he has not been taking good care of himself. He does look older than 34.

You can brief yourself on the portrait's background here.

Meanwhile, what does everyone think?


Or not Mozart?

To me it looks like this portrait.

So I say yes.


Last night I was studying the Konstanze photo again before I went to bed. Here it is again for easy reference. You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

And I had one more thought. Whether or not it is she, it is one of the oldest photos discovered in Bavaria. And I like the look on the face of the old lady on the left, the maybe-Konstanze. She looks as if she is embracing the new technology.She looks eager to get her picture taken. I think that would be Konstanze, don't you? She was always up for anything.

Anyway, two pictures.

You decide.

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